Make a cloth mask for yourself or others!

Instructions based on DIY COVID-19 Fabric Mask by Maker's Habitat KL. My changes:
Check out the "Olson mask" style instruction set if you prefer that style.



    • Cut out fabric to size
  1. Hem one of the long edges of each of the smaller pieces.
  2. Attach the free edges of the small pieces to the long edges of the large piece.
  3. Flip the project to the other side. Fold and press the long edges so that the seam is on the fold.
  4. Flip the project back around again. Put in the pleats (Precise pleating method).
    • Pinch a fold of cloth at the dashed line, and fold to about halfway to the next dashed line (represented in the image by the dotted line)
    • Repeat this 2 more times
  5. Flip the project around again. Fold the lateral edges at the dashed line, and then fold again to make the hem.
  6. Attach straps
    Use twill tape 3/8 inch wide, Cut 4 strands of twill tape, approx 35-40 cm

    If you don't have twill tape you could probably use any string-like thing (ribbon, shoelace, bias tape, paracord). However it would be best to use cotton material for ease of washing and sterilization. (Nylon or other plastic material may melt in a heat-sterilization method.) Cotton also tends to slip less than nylon/polyblend.

    If you don't have any of the above you can make straps out of fabric.

    Sew the straps into the hem at the corners of the mask. Stitch down the length of the hem to secure it as well.
  7. Add nose wire tunnel.
    Put a straight stitch about 0.75 cm (~1/4 inch) from the top of the mask.
    Leave enough space on either side of the tunnel (~2-3cm) to insert the wire


Nose wire and filter material

See the corresponding sections in the Olson mask instruction set.